Preconceptions About Premature Ejaculation Survey Giveaway Rules

  1. Preconceptions About Premature Ejaculation is a survey sponsored by the website https://prematureejaculation.help. The giveaway is a mean to incentivize people to answer the survey. 
  2. Prematureejaculation.help is the propriety of Philippe Côté-Léger and its company Votre Sherpa.
  3. Prematureejaculation.help is giving away four $50 prepaid Visa cards.
  4. To be eligible to win one of the cards, you need to complete the survey and to enter your email address at the page specified at the end of the survey.
  5. The four winners of the prepaid Visa cards will receive a voucher to claim their prize by email during the November 17th week.
  6. Participants must be 18 years old or older
  7. The winners will be chosen randomly.
  8. Participants can only answer the survey once. They can only have one participation
  9. To be eligible to win, a participant must first answer the survey.